Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tiny Bubbles

Margarie lived in a bubble. Okay, when I say bubble, I do not mean to equate Margarie’s life, literally, to be within a bio-dome that prevents her from being exposed to the germ and hazards of the real world (much like the infamous John Travolta film from the 70s cleverly named, “Boy in the Plastic Bubble”) No, Margarie lived in a psychological bubble. This bubble prevented her from the “germs” and “hazards” of the metaphorical real world.

Margarie saw the best in people. There was no way around it. Sure she had experienced evil and trauma in her life, but her only way to make herself “okay” in this world was to decide to believe that good prevails. Goodness is inherent.

Margarie lived in a wonderful place that surprisingly proved her “goodness” theory of the world. This was a land of comfort and civility. A world where people mattered and human rights weren’t even a topic of discussion (because no one had to worry about their own being obstructed). Life was beautiful in this world. Life was easy.

As it is with most humans, Margarie became bored with her easy and pleasant situation in life. She decided to break out and explore the world. She had many reasons for doing this. One being, she needed to know that such evils that can be seen on hit TV shows like “The Jersey Shore” and the things that her friends and parents had warned her about didn’t truly exist. Yes, Margarie had a mission. She was out to prove to everyone that she could maintain her peaceful and optimistic disposition even in the worst of environments. So, her choice to leave was one out of stubborn pride and a desire to “develop” the ideas of the pessimistic around her. She hopped on a ship to the place that she knew had a reputation for being “corrupt” and “evil”. As Margarie set sail, she was filled with a hope and a dream of becoming enlightened to a new scope of the goodness of mankind.

Oh what a silly girl, Margarie was.


nwtizzle said...

I like this.

That Ol Thing said...

Oh how we have to experience things to learn!